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Онлайн курс турецкого языка


Remove the borders by avail of technology!

The only 100% online interactive Turkish Learning System in Turkey is available within the entity of HG Academy.


Based on 12 years of experience and the collaborations established with esteemed universities and educational institutes in Turkey, HIRMIZY GROUP became one of the leading institutions that implement innovative and entrepreneur projects in the field of education. By establishing HG Academy within our entity, we have removed outdated and classic outdated methods in the field of education and became an institution that feels the pulse of education in line with the needs of modern era.

By the utilization of most advanced technology in the field of distant education system, HG Academy created its own unique ‘Interactive Online Turkish Education Course’ to offer the opportunity for everyone to get easy access to learning Turkish in home environment instead of traditional classes.


The online distant education system allows you to receive education easily without being limited to time or space from your home, office or wherever you may be. Unlike classical education, our system offers education in a modern platform, letting you learn Turkish in an easy and entertaining manner with a 24/7 access to the system from anywhere in the world.


To receive academic education or to live in Turkey, the most basic thing you require is to know Turkish. Without having to come to Turkey, you can learn Turkish in the comfort of your home, easier than in-class lecturers, and get your TÖMER certificate at the end of course.

Almost all universities in Turkey require TÖMER certificate to study graduate, post graduate and doctorate degrees. Considering the economic conditions in Turkey, coming to Turkey to learn Turkish requires a significant sum of money. As in-class Turkish classes take place at a certain place and at a certain time, depending on time and place, you will need a minimum of 1-year period to complete all procedures. Adding the subsistence costs for this period on top of the Turkish language education course in Turkey, you will be faced with a significant amount of cost.

At this point, Online Turkish Education offers you great benefits. You will receive your education in your country, in your house, in your room, or in your office, save the money, you would otherwise spend for travel, food and accommodation if you come to Turkey and you will learn Turkish in a more rapid enjoyable manner. In addition, at the end of your education, you will receive the C1 level TÖMER certificate required for academic education in Turkey. This is a great ease and opportunity for you!


The Online Turkish Learning system developed by HG Academy that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, has three basic stage groups of education consisting of five language levels classified according to the standards of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages as follows:

1. Elementary Turkish (A1 and A2 levels)

Students, who complete this level, will learn to use the four basic time tenses, which are the Present Tense, the Simple Present Tense, Future Tense, and the Past Tense. In addition, they will learn to make simple and everyday conversations, use some complex structures, ask questions and give answers.

2. Intermediate Turkish (B1 and B2 levels)

Students, who complete this level, will be able to use fluent everyday conversation, learn all the time tenses, easily use complex structures while speaking, talk and discuss difficult issues, and write compositions fluently in various topics.

3. Advanced Turkish (C1 level)

At this level, newspapers, magazines, articles and stories are being processed during the education. The student will be able to use all time tenses in an efficient manner. At the end of this level, students will be able to speak fluently on any subject, explain ideas and thoughts easily, and to participate in debates. The student will learn the subtleties associated within the use of Turkish Language.


All education process is being realized 100% live via the internet, in which each class level lasts for 96 hours (4 hours per day, 4 days per week, with total of 6 weeks for each level). The complete duration of the course is approximately 8 months including time of evaluation exams for each language level.


The Online System is 7/24 accessible. Participants can get their online education on a daily basis as well as they can be connected to the system any time they want in order to access the materials, repeat subjects or solve question. In addition, by accessing the system, participants can watch the recorded video sessions of trainings that are previously prepared by HG Academy, and can also participate in online exercises and activities and reach the additional uploaded materials at any time they desire.


The lessons in the online course system of HG Academy have been prepared by teachers specialized in the field of teaching the Turkish language to foreigners. Aiming to offer the lessons in the best practical and easy way, we have utilized the latest technology for online distance education via an electronic platform with a design suitable for desktop, laptop and tablet computers used by most of prestigious universities and academic institutions in the world.

By using this system, the student can access the lessons from any place he is without the need for personal attendance to the class that is required by traditional methods of teaching. The system also provides taking lessons in live virtual classes in an interactive method through direct communication with the academy's teachers and exchanging dialogue and conversation with them while giving lessons. The progress and follow-up of students on subjects, classes and units of study are also ensured through the guidance and recommendations of teachers. After completing the study of each unit of the curricula, the teacher will also meet with students directly in order to repeat the subjects that were studied and to answer their inquiries and questions regarding the topics that were studied.

In the online system, you can ask any questions you may have to the lecturers, communicate with other students, see and talk with each other. In line with your needs, you can get an appointment from our lecturers and request additional classes or ask for private classes. In addition, the program provides online Turkish "conversation" hours for the participants and that is to be done with native Turkish speakers. This activity is to be held in the online system in "Speaking Rooms” either in groups or individually.


The online education of HG Academy is given by specialist academics in the field of teaching Turkish language to foreigners. You will be learning Turkish in a rapid and enjoyable manner. The course include:

  • 24/7 accessible classes.
  • Unlimited replay of video classes and live classes.
  • Video and multimedia classes.
  • Live grammar classes.
  • Live conversation classes (with native Turkish speakers).
  • Video footage from daily life reading activities.
  • Listening and writing activities.
  • Dictionary and list of words.
  • Weekly feedback for the assignments.
  • Suitable system for use in tablet and computer.


All you need is internet, camera, headset and a microphone. In addition, using an internet connection with a speed of at least 15 Mbps and installing an updated JAVA® and Adobe® Flash Player applications in your computer will ensure efficient implementation of the system.


Students are evaluated at the end of each level by entering the online level-passing exam to determine their language level, which is made is according to four basic language skills. The assessment exams consist of the following sections: Grammar Skill, Listening and Comprehension Skills, Speaking Skill, and Writing Skill. Upon succeeding in these exams, students will be able to pass to the next language level.


At the end of the course, the student will take the Turkish Language Proficiency Certificate Exam and upon passing the exam, he/she will be awarded a Level C1 TOMER Certificate. The certificate is issued by the Turkish Language Teaching and Application Center (TÖMER) of Turkish universities. In addition, the certificate is recognized by all Turkish universities and enables the student to use it for the purpose of application and registration in all universities and educational institutes in Turkey that require this certificate as a prerequisite of the conditions for enrollment in the academic study.

Students who do not wish to attend the online course but want to obtain the TÖMER Certificate can benefit from our online TDS® (Turkish Language Exam) system, which is created and patented by the HG Education. TDS® consists of four language skill sections including reading, listening, writing and speaking. Students who participate and pass the exam will get a language certificate recognized by all universities and educational institutions in Turkey that ask for such certificate in order to enroll in their academic education. To learn more about TDS®, you can visit our page below:



Participants, who wish to enroll in the “Online Turkish Education” course in our academy should fill the special form for application and send it to us accompanied with requested documents. After completing the application and registration processes, they will be provided with their private "Username" and "Password" in order to access the system portal.

To apply and register for the course, you can download the related application form from the link below and send it to us after filling it:


To enter the Turkish online course portal system, click here.