Online Turkish Language Course

Online and interactive Turkish Education in Turkey alone Hirmizy 0 Group (HG) is present in the body.

Online Turkish Education, which you will connect from anywhere in the world, consists of 5 levels: Basic Level (A1 A2), Intermediate Level (B1 B2) and Advanced Level (C1) according to European Language Portfolio standards. In this program, where the entire training process will take place live via the internet, each course is 80 hours, except Advanced Level, and Advanced Level is 50 hours. Basic Level 9 weeks, Intermediate 9 weeks and Advanced Level 4 weeks. Sınav Online Exam kur is held at the end of each exchange. HG, Turkey's Yildiz Technical University, a leading university in cooperation with the final examination is to establish through Aydin University TOMER. At the end of each level, students who successfully complete the level, and applies to all institutions in Turkey and Istanbul which approved the applications for college and university academic records TÖMER receive the certificate.

Education; 5 days a week, Turkish teaching is given by experts in the field of academics. In addition, there are Turkish “Speaking” hours with Turkish students online and this activity is held in the “Speaking Rooms grup as a group or one-on-one through the Online system.

Online system is available 24/7. In addition to 4 hours of live training, the student can connect to the system at any time, repeat the topic and solve questions. Students can access video repetitions, online exercises and activities, supplementary materials created by HG at any time and day.

At the end of each course, students are assessed with 4 basic language skills through the online system. Exams; Grammar consists of Listening Skills, Speaking Skills, and Written Skills. If they are successful in these exams, students can continue to a higher level.

Students who do not attend the course but wish to obtain a TÖMER Certificate can take the Türkçe Online Turkish Certificate Exam düzenlen organized by HG. Türkçe Online Turkish Certificate Exam oluşmakta consists of Grammar / Writing / Reading Comprehension sections and Listening and Speaking exams are not included. The students who are successful in the exam have the Istanbuk Aydın university TÖMER certificate which is approved by the rectorate in all universities.

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